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Caravan & Camping Hire

Peer 2 Peer Private Caravan, Camper & RV Hire


One of our main business objectives is to help Australian Caravan, Camper Trailer, Campervan, Motorhome & Trailer owners earn extra money for their families by hiring out their Vehicles when they are otherwise just sitting around collecting dust, wasting space and not being used at all (which is around 80% to 90% of privately owned RV/Trailers across Australia!)

We work very hard to ensure that RV/Trailer owners feel 100% confident, reassured and safe about the process that involves their beautiful mobile home being hired out by ‘anyone’ and taken anywhere across Australia.

We are the best in the business for Peer 2 Peer Caravan/RV/Trailer Hiring all over Australia and we are putting $1000s back into Caravan/RV/Trailer Owners pockets all year round. Just over the recent Xmas/New Year and current January Holiday period – we deposited just over $110,000 of net Hire Income into our registered Caravan Owner/Hire Partners bank accounts – just for Hiring our their Caravans/RVs!!!

We provide the absolute best customer service and customer care – you won’t find better because we handle all of the booking enquiries, paperwork, bond, payments, quotes, all communications and much more for you and we are NOT ‘new kids on the block’ for private caravan hiring.

We are highly experienced in the Caravanning/RV industry and are available to chat to 24/7 and will respond to your enquiries generally within 30 minutes.

We have absolutely all bases covered for your own peace of mind and security when Hiring your RV/Trailer out.


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