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Permex Products Australia

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Manufacturers of Bluestreak Sail Battens

Permex Products Australia

Bluestreak specialises in the design and production of pultruded superior fibreglass battens and fibreglass rods. We supply tapered and untapered profiles mainly to  the sailing industry,and through our worldwide agent network.

Since 1970, we've been continually developing and perfecting the Pultruded Fibreglass Polymer plastics process (pulling a fibre/resin matrix through a heated die in which gelation and cure takes place) in our quest to create the best products for our customers.

For 40 years we have worked in close consultation with leading professionals the world over to ensure that our products reflect the latest thinking in design and high performance. The result is a wide range of durable, lightweight fibreglass batten and fibreglass rod profiles to suit all manner of applications.

The Bluestreak Advantage

Our products are of premium quality and represent a highly evolved level of technology, and can be supplied worldwide at an expedient and affordable rate. Bluestreak stocks its full range of pultruded sail battens and Rods. We manufacture on site and are fully Australian Made, and orders are delivered with quality and professionalism.

Bluestreak can supply fiberglass battens to suit your needs.

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