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Set Sail On Your Own Terms…

If you're considering buying a yacht, consider ownership with Yachtshare. Queensland offers a sensational climate for luxury yacht cruising, with balmy tropical summers and mild, clear winter days. Yachtshare will let you experience the excitement of sailing your own luxury yacht, for a fraction of the cost of private ownership.


What is Yachtshare?

Based on an equitable and convenient booking system, Yachtshare gives you 33 days on the water annually, plus the option to pick up extra adventures on standby sailing days. Many of our clients enjoy more than 50 days on the water, for a proportionally small investment in comparison to maintaining a private yacht.


Small investment and low monthly maintenance fees

With Yachtshare, you will purchase an affordable and equitable share in a luxury yacht that is fully maintained for your convenience and comfort. Following your initial investment, expect a fully maintained yacht in return for low monthly maintenance fees. The Yachtshare team will professionally manage everything: from the big mechanical services, berthing arrangements, thorough and regular cleaning to stocking your yacht with fresh provisions. You'll spend more time sailing, and no time maintaining. Expect the full walk-on walk-off experience.

Suburb: MANLY, QLD

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