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Almac Trailers

East Bundaberg Engineering have been designing and creating amazing custom work since 1998. Proprietor Rob Page has more than 35 years industry experience and has lived in Bundaberg his whole life. He saw a great opportunity in March 2009, and purchased Almac Trailers to run alongside East Bundaberg Engineering.

Rob is extremely proud of everyone at Almac Trailers and has set the business up for huge future success. With a wide range of innovative top of the range products, you know you really can't go wrong with Almac Trailers. From boat loaders & folding boat trailers to full customisation, you can be assured that Almac trailers are your one stop shop for all of your trailer and leisure customisation needs. 

Detailed quality control is in place throughout the entire fabrication phase as well as final checks and testing before your product leaves the factory. Get the personal touch with every vehicle to leave our gates and make sure your vehicle and boat get the best solution for your recreation needs. 

Our Almac products are built by highly skilled Tradesmen using modern welding techniques. Your product comes with a 12 month guarantee, excluding corrosion, overloading, accidents and misuse. You can be sure that Almac Trailers are the best choice for your car and boat. 


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Total Kayak & Fishing

What we do for you…

To get the best quality and most usable products for our fellow kayakers and fisho’s, we hunt far and wide to get the best. We source, import and test each item individually for our own brands and carefully select local suppliers and brands that are of the best standard and offer you the best bang for your buck.

Through offering top quality products and service, we ensure that you get the best experience on or around the water to maximise the fun you have while doing it.

So the answer to ‘what do we do for you’, is, we provide you with the tools, accessories and equipment so you have the best time possible either by yourself or with friends and/or family. As mentioned above, “IF YOU ARE GOING TO DO SOMETHING, DO IT WITH EASE AND COMPLETE SATISFACTION”.

Suburb: Sunshine Coast - Mooloolaba, QLD

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Thermal Cooking Process

DreamPot thermal cooking eliminates the need for a constant fuel or power source: making cooking while you travel or at home hassle-free and easier than ever before!

Discover the DreamPot difference.  Save on energy costs. Save time supervising your meal. With its purpose-built design for cooking performance and durability, the DreamPot is incredibly energy efficient and a miracle cooking experience.  The DreamPot comes complete with one or two 18/8 stainless steel inner pots with heavy sandwich base, very strong handles and 18/8 stainless lids with food grade knob.

You can cook a large family meal or a single smaller meal, or two courses!  Your meal cannot burn, boil dry or overcook.  It’s as easy as: start it, transfer it, leave it, eat and enjoy it… Just love it!

We are accredited with an Australian Food Handling licence.  Food safety is extremely important to us!  Our expert experience and knowledge, combined with the quality of the DreamPot thermal cooking process means you’ll never be in doubt.

The cooked meal will be maintained in the safe temperature zone by following the instructions in the DreamPot Recipe Book & User Guide.

The golden rule is you can change the recipe ingredients, but don’t change the boiling time on the stove or open the DreamPot before the minimum cooking time is completed.   Always remember, serve hot food hot, and cold food cold! The Australian Food Standards recommend keeping chilled food below 5C and hot food above 60C.


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Grab Your Tackle

-LED lighting (navigational and cabin).

-Storage, vents and hatches.

-Seats, Pedestals and swivels.

- switch panels and electrical.

- pumps and plumbing.

- outboard motor fuel filters and accessories.

- safety equipment and compasses.

- Rod holders and fishing accessories.

- mooring fenders, buoys and anchor equipment.

- Deck fittings and hardware.

AND MORE........



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The Wet Seat

The Wet Seat is Australia’s most trusted neoprene seat cover, the range of covers are designed with the Australian way of life in mind, so whether its hard at work or playing in the mud or surf we’ve got your seats covered.

Made from 2.4mm UV safe neoprene The Wet Seat is highly water, abrasion and chemical resistant, easy to clean and very comfortable to sit on all year round. All covers include sharkskin rubber that is safe when fitted to both cloth and leather trims, the ribbed sharkskin grips onto the seat without movement, which in turn eliminates wear to your seats.

The Universal Wet Seat is available in any of the below colour options

Black with Black, Blue, Red, Orange or White (Silver) Stitching

Mid Grey with Black, Blue or White (Silver) Stitching

Beige with Beige Stitching or

Pink with White (Silver) Stitching



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Great Circle Life Rafts

Invest in your own safety with Great Circle Life Rafts.

Whether you venture far offshore, travel the coast or explore local waters, an emergency can develop that overwhelms your crew to the point where abandoning your vessel becomes a serious option. That’s where Great Circle Life Rafts can help save you and your crew. Our rafts are engineered to aid survival in extreme conditions but they are also easy to handle, easy to store and deployable by just about anyone aboard.  

And, Great Circle Life Rafts are ideal for both commercial and recreational vessels.


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BluBlocker Sunglasses Australia

Stop the glare with BluBlocker Sunglasses

BluBlocker high-resolution sunglasses protect your eyes by eliminating damaging ultraviolet and blue spectrum light waves. BluBlocker sunglasses also dramatically help your vision by reducing glare. Objects appear sharper and clearer, permitting you to see better and farther.

The dangers of UV and blue light exist on cloudy as well as sunny days and in wintertime as well as summer. BluBlocker sunglasses reduce the sun’s glare in the summer but on cloudy days they seem to brighten and enhance the view. In short, they are all-season, all-weather sunglasses that seem to balance and control the light intensity no matter when you wear them.

BluBlocker uses only the best materials in the manufacture of their sunglasses.

The BluBlocker lenses are made of Malenium – a very tough protective lens that is so rugged that it will not shatter on impact. This extra level of protection makes BluBlocker lenses ideal for sports activities. There is no spray-on coating that may later rub off as the filtering material is within the lens itself. 

The amber lens blocks 100% of the UVA, UVB, infrared and blue light. The blue light is at the end of the light spectrum and is most harmful

Our frames are made out of a flexible memory-retention nylon material. The frames can be stretched but will always return to their original shape. They are ultra-light and provide superior comfort and durability. With several functional styles to choose from, they are the ideal all-around go-anywhere active sunglasses for you and your family. BluBlockers even reduce ​computer screen glare.

BluBlocker Sunglasses are Perfect for Activities like:











Lawn Bowls



Rock Climbing

Roller Skating




Snow Sports

Sport Fishing




Track & Field



Water Skiing

Wind Surfing




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Hammaka Trailer Hammock

The Hammaka Trailer Hitch Combo is supplied with two chairs and the hitch frame. Assembly of the hammock is easy and quick so you will be laying back in pure luxury in no time anywhere. The chairs come in a variety of colours and the option of wooden or aluminium dowel supports. For those of us that have the extra long tray or the spare wheel carrier on the rear of the vehicle, a hitch extension may be required for the trailer hitch hammock to suit your vehicle. Please see below link that has been tested to suit the Hammaka Trailer Hitch Combo.


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Shorelog is a Sydney, Australia based internet business. Shorelog was developed by John Rainbow and Martin Ward to serve the boat management needs of owners of all types of boats.

Both John and Martin have had lifelong associations with boats and the sea and perceived that the constant attention to safety and maintenance that good seamanship demands could be made more efficient.

Shorelog is a cloud based log book, customisable for every boat to enable owners, skippers and managers to keep their safety management equipment and systems, inventory and maintenance records up to date and compliant with regulations and racing rules.

The safety management system has been developed to address current Australian regulations however the other features are universal. We are currently developing US, EU and other international compliance tables which will be released in 2014.


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Retract -A- Float

The Retract-a-Float is a simple solution to a myriad of problems. Crab pot floats have become synonymous with masses of knots and tangles, ropes being caught up in propellers or tangled in mangroves. 

Retract-a-float’s are constructed from high quality stainless steel and corrosion resistant engineer grade polypropolene and keep 6 metres of rope neatly coiled under tension within the float itself, only uncoiling enough to keep the float directly above the pot.


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The Aussie Hot Camp Shower is gas heated and made from the highest quality aluminium with a durable powder coat finish to endure the harsh conditions of the bush. The camp shower can be assembled for use or folded away for travel in minutes.  

The Aussie Camp Shower comes Complete with:

12 Volt Submersible Pump 4m Battery Lead And Clips 4m Hose Carry Bag The unique design allows the Aussie Hot Camp Shower infinite water temp adjustment. It is extremely safe (the outer case does not get hot). Enjoy your travelling adventures with an instant portable hot camp shower. The Aussie Hot Camp Shower is the perfect companion for any outdoor activity - Camping, hunting, travelling, equestrian or 4 Wheel Driving, the Aussie Camp Shower is the ideal source of hot water. Now you can enjoy the luxury of instant hot water showers anywhere.

Water Usage - Approx. 4 Litres Per Min (LPM) (eg 20ltr Bucket = 5min.) Water Temperature Rise - Approx. 30°c Above Ambient (20°c In 45-50°c Out) Temperature Adjustment is by turning the burner up or down on the gas tap Gas Usage - 300 > 350 Grams Per Hour (GPM) Rose Height Approx - 1800mm Above Ground Weight - 5kg


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