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Equipment Product Support

What is Equipment Product Support?  

I passed by a Pedestal Fan in my lounge room the other day and on the side it had a sticker with "Product Support 1800 XXX XXX". So, why would you ring that number? If you had an issue with it (Product Support Solutions)? If you wanted to know how to maintain it (Maintenance Solutions)? If you wanted to buy a replacement part for it (Parts Supply & Logistics Solutions)? If you wanted to know how to work it (Coaching & Training Solutions)? Possibly any one of these.

Equipment Product Support was established in order to cover each of these four main pillars, specialising in Mobile, Marine or Fixed Plant, (not just pedestal fans). 

I want to help you succeed, to make money and live comfortably by offering my experience, my knowledge and my passion for you to use in order to eliminate roadblocks and maximise results.

If you have Mobile, Marine or Fixed Plant or equipment, then please, visit my website to find out more. If you think I may be of assistance or have a question or three, then please don't hesitate to call or email me.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Sellars


Equipment Product Support


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