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Solas Propeller Warehouse is a family run business and we pride ourselves on always providing our customers with exceptional service, accurate expert advice, and high quality products. This has made us the largest and most well regarded propeller distributor in Australia.

 We can identify the exact propeller that will give your boat outstanding performance.

 Many boats are using an incorrect or poorly selected propeller that doesn’t accurately match the boat/ motor/ hull and boat usage combination. This can unnecessarily strain the motor and cause excessive fuel consumption!

 We’ve conducted thousands of ‘on water’ tests on boat, motor, hull and propeller combinations - also factoring in the weight and usage of the boats. Consequently, we have the most extensive database of trailed and tested combinations in Australia. This means that we can identify the best propeller to really optimise the performance of any boat and motor combination



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Thermal Cooking Process

DreamPot thermal cooking eliminates the need for a constant fuel or power source: making cooking while you travel or at home hassle-free and easier than ever before!

Discover the DreamPot difference.  Save on energy costs. Save time supervising your meal. With its purpose-built design for cooking performance and durability, the DreamPot is incredibly energy efficient and a miracle cooking experience.  The DreamPot comes complete with one or two 18/8 stainless steel inner pots with heavy sandwich base, very strong handles and 18/8 stainless lids with food grade knob.

You can cook a large family meal or a single smaller meal, or two courses!  Your meal cannot burn, boil dry or overcook.  It’s as easy as: start it, transfer it, leave it, eat and enjoy it… Just love it!

We are accredited with an Australian Food Handling licence.  Food safety is extremely important to us!  Our expert experience and knowledge, combined with the quality of the DreamPot thermal cooking process means you’ll never be in doubt.

The cooked meal will be maintained in the safe temperature zone by following the instructions in the DreamPot Recipe Book & User Guide.

The golden rule is you can change the recipe ingredients, but don’t change the boiling time on the stove or open the DreamPot before the minimum cooking time is completed.   Always remember, serve hot food hot, and cold food cold! The Australian Food Standards recommend keeping chilled food below 5C and hot food above 60C.


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Blue Bottle Fishing

Based in the Hills District of Sydney, we provide anglers with fishing reel handles, tackle and marine products. 

Our marine products include a large range of quality products, all a must for any angler and their boat.

With a passion for fishing and meticulous attention to detail combined with guaranteed customer satisfaction we have grown from a hobby to a small business providing quality products and quality service. 

Feel free to contact me for a chat or some advise.

Suburb: DURAL, NSW

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Sealink Marine

Sealink Marine is based in Melbourne and has one of the largest undercover Boat Sales And Service Facilities. The premises is 1300 square metres of high security storage and a large sales yard under 24 hours CCTV, so you can feel secure leaving your boat to be sold or serviced on our premises.

Our factory trained technicians are constantly upgrading their skills to provide service and re-power expertise. Sealink operates with a network of professional marine suppliers throughout Australia, and also exports NEW and USED marine engines and parts all over the world.

We know when you need somebody to help with your valuable asset you need to get it right. With decades of experience and thousands of happy clients, we are professionals you can really trust.


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Grab Your Tackle

-LED lighting (navigational and cabin).

-Storage, vents and hatches.

-Seats, Pedestals and swivels.

- switch panels and electrical.

- pumps and plumbing.

- outboard motor fuel filters and accessories.

- safety equipment and compasses.

- Rod holders and fishing accessories.

- mooring fenders, buoys and anchor equipment.

- Deck fittings and hardware.

AND MORE........



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Itim Systems

Tank level monitoring, display and control. Fire detection & fire alarm control system. Bilge alarm & bilge pump control.


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Nautical Life & Leisure

Nautical Life & Leisure are the exclusive Australian distributors of the Aqua Lily Pad products and anchorsuits.

Aqua Lily Pads are floating water mats and come in 3 sizes:

Aqua Lily Pad JUNIOR - 2.75m x 1.8m - holds 300kg of distributed weight and weighs only 7kg - $550 + freight

Aqua Lily Pad - 5.5m x 1.8m - holds 600kg of distributed weight and weighs only 14kg - $999 + freight

Aqua Lily Pad BULLFROG 6m x 1.8m - holds 725kg of distributed weight and weighs only 17kg $1250 + freight

The Aqua Lily Pads come with a tether so that you can attach it to your boat or wharf etc, and a one year limited warranty.

Want something for the pool?.... check out our Aqua Lily Pad "tadpoles" available in single size ($159) and double ($199).  The single has a pillow on one end and the double has a pillow at either end.

Anchorsuits are neoprene (wetsuit material) covers designed to accommodate anchors. Anchorsuits protect your boats precious gelcoat as well as your toes! Available in several different sizes, a guide is available on our website to help you chose the correct anchorsuit size for your anchor.



Suburb: Lake Macquarie, NSW

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BluBlocker Sunglasses Australia

Stop the glare with BluBlocker Sunglasses

BluBlocker high-resolution sunglasses protect your eyes by eliminating damaging ultraviolet and blue spectrum light waves. BluBlocker sunglasses also dramatically help your vision by reducing glare. Objects appear sharper and clearer, permitting you to see better and farther.

The dangers of UV and blue light exist on cloudy as well as sunny days and in wintertime as well as summer. BluBlocker sunglasses reduce the sun’s glare in the summer but on cloudy days they seem to brighten and enhance the view. In short, they are all-season, all-weather sunglasses that seem to balance and control the light intensity no matter when you wear them.

BluBlocker uses only the best materials in the manufacture of their sunglasses.

The BluBlocker lenses are made of Malenium – a very tough protective lens that is so rugged that it will not shatter on impact. This extra level of protection makes BluBlocker lenses ideal for sports activities. There is no spray-on coating that may later rub off as the filtering material is within the lens itself. 

The amber lens blocks 100% of the UVA, UVB, infrared and blue light. The blue light is at the end of the light spectrum and is most harmful

Our frames are made out of a flexible memory-retention nylon material. The frames can be stretched but will always return to their original shape. They are ultra-light and provide superior comfort and durability. With several functional styles to choose from, they are the ideal all-around go-anywhere active sunglasses for you and your family. BluBlockers even reduce ​computer screen glare.

BluBlocker Sunglasses are Perfect for Activities like:











Lawn Bowls



Rock Climbing

Roller Skating




Snow Sports

Sport Fishing




Track & Field



Water Skiing

Wind Surfing




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Retract -A- Float

The Retract-a-Float is a simple solution to a myriad of problems. Crab pot floats have become synonymous with masses of knots and tangles, ropes being caught up in propellers or tangled in mangroves. 

Retract-a-float’s are constructed from high quality stainless steel and corrosion resistant engineer grade polypropolene and keep 6 metres of rope neatly coiled under tension within the float itself, only uncoiling enough to keep the float directly above the pot.


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